Truly "Easy" Pets From The Reptile Shop

29 November 2022
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There is a common misconception that caring for reptiles is easier than caring for other pets. This is not always true. Some reptilian pets, like most turtles and large snakes, really do require a lot of care even though they live in enclosures. But thankfully, there are some reptiles that are truly "easy" pets. If you want a pet that's less demanding, here are the ones to focus on when you visit the reptile shop.

Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are perhaps the least demanding of all common domesticated snake species. They are small in size with variegated body colors. Most have patches of reddish rust color along with patches of creamy tan-brown. Corn snakes are quite social and have distinct personalities, which makes owning one a lot of fun. Most are happy to eat thawed, dead mice, so you won't need to worry about live feeding. And while corn snakes can benefit from a warming lamp, they don't require too close of temperature control within their habitat.

Leopard Geckos

If you'd rather have a lizard than a snake, a leopard gecko is a top option to consider. These little lizards are named for their spotted skin. They are on the small side and have adorable, little feet and long tails. Leopard geckos store fat and nutrients in their tails, which means their tails can grow quite fat and large throughout their life. Leopard geckos prefer to live in a moist, warm cage, but they don't need a huge tank. They can thrive on pelleted gecko food, the occasional cricket, and some fresh lettuce or veggies a few times a week.

Blue-Tongued Skink

The blue-tongued skink is another "easy" reptilian pet to consider. These lizards are a bit larger than leopard geckos. You'll need two hands to hold them. They have broad, large feet and legs, pointed heads, and beady eyes. Of course, they are named for their characteristic blue tongues. Most owners find blue-tongued skinks to be very calm and friendly. They are awake by day and sleep at night. Most are happy in a simple glass enclosure with a pool of water to bathe in. These lizards don't climb, but they do need plenty of sun exposure, so place their cage near a window.

Not all pets from the reptile store are "easy," but the options above surely are. Talk to a reptile shop worker or owner to learn more.