The Benefits Of Using In-Home Pet Care Services Over A Stay At A Boarding Facility

11 July 2022
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If you need to be away from your home for an extended time period, and you have a dog or cat that you care for regularly, you want to have someone available to perform tasks necessary to keep your pet safe and healthy in your absence. There are benefits to be obtained by hiring an in-home pet sitter if you have reservations pertaining to boarding care. Here are some advantages to aid in the decision as to who will take over pet care when you are unable to do so.

Your Pet Does Not Need To Be Transported

If your dog or cat is not used to riding in a vehicle or if they become anxious during car rides, hiring an in-home sitter is favorable over bringing your pet to a boarding facility. Your pet will not need to be placed in a carrier or hindered by a leash and instead can go about their daily routine in the place where they are most comfortable. You also have the added benefit of knowing your pet will not be involved in a car accident or run away while they are away from home.

Your Home Is Looked After While You Are Away

When you have someone come to your home to tend to your pet's needs, they are also available to alert you as to whether there is something in need of attention on your property. Since someone is inside of your home at various times, there is less likelihood of someone robbing your house. If a package arrives, it will be brought inside for you. If an emergency arises in the area where you are located, the caretaker of your pet will alert you so you can make arrangements to come home immediately.

Your Pet's Favorite Items Are Close By

Most people will bring a few items for their dog or cat to use while they are at a boarding facility. If an item is forgotten, however, and the facility does not have it readily available, your pet will need to go without it until they go back home. When an in-home pet care sitter is at your home, they will have access to items inside of your house that your pet needs. This includes their favorite food, toys, and other pets if you have more than one. Your dog or cat will also be able to sleep and eat in their regular location without worrying about other animals being nearby.

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