Understand The Extra Care For Boarding An Elderly Dog

26 March 2021
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With an older dog, their needs for getting the right care can be a lot different than with a younger dog, making it important to do some extra research when you're getting ready to drop your older dog off at a boarding kennel.

If you're just beginning the process of looking for kennels that you can have your dog stay at, you need to be careful to see what kind of extra care could be helpful and what you can look for to eliminate some options for kennels that you could bring your dog to.

Make Sure Medical Care Is Provided

When you're starting to compare the different options for boarding kennels that your dog can stay at, it's a good idea to see whether the kennel offers medical care. With medical services provided, the boarding kennel can provide some peace of mind since your dog could need medical care as they get older.

Whether the kennel offers access to a nearby vet clinic or has vet attendants employed, you can make sure that your dog will be able to get immediate medical care if necessary during their stay.

Discuss the Attention Your Dog Will Get

Depending on the age of your dog, they may not do well with a group play session, making it important to check whether your dog will be able to get plenty of attention from the attendants. Since not every kennel offers one-on-one playtime, it's a good thing to check, as well as what kinds of costs you will be paying for getting your dog the attention that they will need.  

Prioritize a Quiet Private Kennel

Making sure that your dog is comfortable is a lot easier when you look for kennels that can provide quiet kennels for your dog to use. In many cases, the wrong boarding kennel can mean that your dog won't have the peace and quiet that's important for them to be calm and relaxed when you're away.

Checking if this is an option when contacting boarding kennels and even taking a tour in person can give you a much better impression of whether the kennel is going to be the right match for your dog.

With all the options for boarding kennels, you need to take care to find a kennel that is experienced with caring for elderly dogs and will help keep your dog feeling much more comfortable with the need for any extra care.

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