3 Great Reasons To Have A Pro Walk Your Dog While You're At Work

23 November 2020
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If you have a dog and work outside of the home, it can seem like you're constantly having to balance work and dog care. And as much as you might like to come home and walk your dog midway through the day, it's tough to always make this happen. Luckily, there is a solution: pay a professional to come walk your dog mid-day when you're not at home. Here are a few reasons why this approach is great for most working dog parents.

1. You don't have to worry so much about getting home on time.

If you're supposed to get out at 5:00, but your boss often approaches you about staying late, you may worry about how your dog will fare after already having been alone all day. But if you had someone come to your home and walk the dog at noon or 1:00, you can say "yes" to the overtime without having to worry. Your dog will have gone potty more recently and had some attention, so you won't come home to a mess or an annoyed pup.

2. Your dog will get more exercise.

Even if you mean to walk your dog every day, as someone who works full time, you probably don't always get around to it, right? Hiring a dog walker ensures your dog gets more consistent exercise, which is really good for their health. Their heart, lungs, and joints will stay healthier as they age. Their mental health may also improve — after all, most dogs are active and thrive when they're out and moving!

3. Your dog will learn to form relationships with other human beings.

As much as you might love being your dog's "one and only," it is a good idea for him or her to be used to being handled by other people. This will make experiences like going to the vet and staying at a kennel easier. When your dog gets used to having a dog walker come, that's another person who they learn to love and trust. They start to realize that other people are a good thing. Other people take them on walks, which they love! A well-socialized dog is a good dog.

By having someone else walk your dog while you're at work, you remove the pressure to return home on time, ensure you dog gets more exercise, and give your pet more opportunities for socialization. Contact a local dog walking service to learn more.