Tips For Choosing A Boarding Facility For Dogs With Dietary Issues

5 November 2020
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When you have a pet with special dietary needs, it can be challenging when you have to seek boarding care. It means finding pet boarding facilities with the staffing, infrastructure, and capacity to tailor to each pet's unique dietary situation. Here's a look at some of the things that you should consider if you're preparing to board a dog with a unique dietary situation.

Ask About Special Attention Capacity

The first thing you should do when you're choosing a boarding facility for your pup with special dietary needs is to ask each potential boarding facility about their capacity for special attention. Your dog will need special attention to ensure that he or she is fed according to the proper schedule and diet, so the boarding center needs capacity for those considerations. This means adequate staffing for feeding times to be personalized. Make sure that they can accommodate that first and foremost.

Make Sure Communication Is Prioritized

Boarding facilities have rotating staff, so you won't have the same person on duty all the time with your pet. Make sure that the facility prioritizes communication to ensure that everyone knows about special needs and dietary changes. Ask about signs, notices, or other communication tools that may be used to help ensure that no mistakes are made during those feedings and other care periods.

Address Allergy Issues

If your pet's dietary needs are the result of an allergy and you need to ensure that there's no exposure risk to allergens, ask the facility about the measures that they can take to ensure that. This may mean isolating your dog from those who receive food or treats that contain the allergens, or it may just mean signs on the kennel to alert staff to those allergens in an effort to prevent exposure.

Ask About Supplying Food And Treats

Some boarding facilities don't allow pet owners to bring in food for their animals out of concern for pest issues, contamination, and other similar issues. If your dog has special dietary needs, you need to find out if your chosen boarding facility will allow you to bring his or her food and treats with you or if they will take the necessary steps to provide them. This is an important consideration because you'll want to be sure that they are providing the correct brand and type if the boarding facility will supply it themselves.

Many boarding facilities are well-equipped to handle dogs with dietary issues. Use these tips to help you find the right facility, like K9 Acres Pet  Resort LLC, near you.