Cat Grooming Appointment Schedules

21 February 2020
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Cats have to be cleaned and groomed. However, an older cat might not have to be groomed as often.

Older Indoor Cats May Require Fewer Grooming Sessions Than Younger and More Physically Active Cats 

Cat owners may only need to make appointments with pet grooming professionals, like Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel, every few months if they have cats that have very sedate habits. Indoor cats will typically need to be groomed less frequently than the cats who are outdoors more often.

Even the cats who regularly move between different indoor locations might require more grooming appointments than the cats who tend to only stay in one room or home. It's more common for younger cats to be the more active ones, but this might not always be true. Feline grooming sessions can certainly help older cats, since their health often needs to be monitored more closely.

Feline Grooming Has Medical Benefits For Cats

Cats will sometimes begin to get skin conditions, even if they're still young. These sorts of issues can be particularly pronounced in older cats, because their skin is less resilient. Skin issues in cats can be difficult to recognize, given their thick fur. However, problems in a cat's fur can sometimes suggest that a cat could be experiencing much more serious medical problems. 

People will usually need to bring their cats to professional grooming companies more often than they will bring those cats to the veterinarian. The groomers will get to see the cats more often, giving them the chance to help monitor a cat's health.

Some groomers are able to spot problems that are much more specific. They might see a tick on a cat's skin that was buried deep in the animal's fur, giving everyone involved the chance to stop more damaging health consequences. Cats who have long fur can be more prone to these specific sorts of issues, which is one of many reasons why they will tend to need more grooming sessions than other cats.

The Cats Who Have Longer Fur Will Usually Have to Be Groomed Much More Often Than Cats Who Have Shorter Fur

Longer cat fur tends to get very matted and dirty if it is not cleaned and groomed very consistently. Cats can sometimes have a harder time cleaning this sort of fur themselves, even though long-haired cats are usually just as persistent regarding their cleaning habits as short-haired cats. These sorts of cats might need a grooming session every month or so, or at least every month and a half.