Need To Board Your Dog In Winter? 3 Things Worth Analyzing

13 February 2020
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Throughout most of the year, you may not have to worry about the weather when it comes to boarding your dog or taking them outside because the temperature and conditions may be manageable. But, if you need to board your dog during winter, you may know that the snow and cold temperatures can cause problems for boarding facilities with a lot of outdoor amenities.

If you want to make sure that your dog has an excellent experience with boarding, you should consider several important details that relate to the winter season.

Indoor Facility

One of the first things that you will find worth prioritizing is an indoor facility where your dog can roam around freely without having to worry about being exposed to ice or snow. This feature should not be too hard to demand because you can look around at local dog boarding facilities until you find ones that are exclusively indoors or at least function that way during wintertime.


Along with choosing an indoor boarding facility for your dog, you should get a tour throughout the entire property to gather as much information as you can. In this situation, you should make sure that the indoor facility is kept at a temperature where your dog will feel comfortable.

A dog with a thick coat might be comfortable in cold weather while another dog with little to no fur may get cold quite easily. If you have a short hair breed, you should be able to compare the inside temperature with your home's normal temperature to determine if it is warm enough.


During most of the year, you may have no problem keeping your dog stimulated because you can bring them outside where they can run around, play with other dogs, and watch wild animals. But, staying inside an indoor facility means that stimulation will not come as easy. This makes it important to find a place that you know has the means to stimulate your dog during their stay.

A great example is having a large indoor play area where the dogs can run around just as they would outside. Also, you will find it beneficial to find a boarding facility with radios and televisions to give your dog something to listen to or watch when they are more interested in relaxing.

Being thorough with your analysis will help you find an ideal dog boarding facility for wintertime.