Keep Up With Routine Grooming After Adopting A Long-Haired Puppy

27 January 2020
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Adopting a long-haired puppy can be a great way to make sure that they are more comfortable when the weather is colder where you live. You may also love the look of long-haired puppy, but it could be overwhelming to take care of making sure that their hair stays in the best condition. Instead of handling all the grooming alone or you spending a long time in between visits to the groomer, consider the following tips that can help make sure that grooming is going to be easy for you.

Prevent Mats and Discomfort

One of the most important reasons to keep up with regular grooming is that long-haired dogs are more prone to mats and other issues with their fur. By bringing your dog into the groomer regularly, you can make sure that any mats are removed from their fur and that you won't be worried about their hair looking in bad shape. Since brushing can be difficult on your own, you can visit a groomer and get advice on how to keep their fur smooth and easy to brush.

Avoid Hair Near Their Eyes

Another thing that you want to look into regarding keeping your dog's fur in great shape is keeping fur away from their eyes. In many cases, long hair near their eyes can lead to difficulties seeing as well as discomfort that can be irritating for them. Since it can be tough to trim the hair near their eyes on your own due to it being a sensitive area or being afraid of potentially harming them, you need to rely on a groomer that can make sure the fur is kept neat.

Get Your Puppy Comfortable

One of the greatest benefits of visiting a groomer rather than taking care of all the grooming alone is that you can make sure that the fur is trimmed neatly for their breed and the climate you live in. If you are worried about your dog feeling comfortable, it's best to consider how routine visits to the groomers can keep your dog much more comfortable and ensure that they won't be struggling with the visit each time, since they'll be familiar with the groomers there.

After you've adopted a puppy that has longer hair, you may be overwhelmed with what you can do to make sure that their fur is in the very best condition. Instead of handling grooming alone, look into how pet services can be useful and why visits should be made a regular part of taking care of your dog in the future.