3 Considerations When Shopping For Dog Boarding Services

23 January 2020
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If you face the prospect of being separated from your trusty canine friend for an extended period, you may be thinking about finding a nice boarding facility to accommodate his needs. This may seem like a fairly cut-and-dried decision unless you have multiple providers of dog boarding services or similar options in your area — in which case, how do you choose between them? Here are three considerations to help you might the right decision for your special friend.

1. Boarding vs. Other Options

The first thing you need to think about is how long you'll be away from your dog. Dog boarding services typically offer stays of varying lengths (with, in some cases, a three-day minimum during the holiday seasons), while doggie daycare facilities expect you to pick your pet up and take him home at the end of each day. It's not unusual for dogs to stay in boarding facilities for weeks or even months if their owners are undergoing major medical treatment or otherwise unable to claim them sooner. Just make absolutely sure that your boarding facility understands how long you intend to leave your dog with them before you book that stay. If your pet suffers from anxiety in unfamiliar settings, you might even opt for pet sitting services that provide "live-in" sitters.

2. Veterinary Dog Boarding Services

Does your dog have special medical needs? Some animals have conditions that require them to receive regular treatment (daily injections of insulin to control diabetes, for example). Others have entered their geriatric years and might fall prey to an age-related health crisis. If you worry about your pet's state of health, you might want to choose a boarding service that has ready access to veterinary staff. These professionals know how to monitor your dog's vital signs, administer medicines on schedule, and respond to an emergency.

3. Facility Amenities and Features

All dog boarding centers are not created equal, as you'll quickly see as you pay personal visits to different facilities.

Spacious, climate-controlled enclosures, a clean look and smell, indoor and outdoor exercise areas, and secure, escape-proof fencing are features to look for. Ask the boarding staff about the employee-to-pet ratio, how often the dogs are fed, and whether the facility insists on all animals being current on their vaccinations. At the same time, find out whether the facility offers attractive extras, such as the ability to provide your dog's favorite food, the aforementioned veterinary care, and options such as bathing and grooming. 

Just as the right hotel could make the difference in the quality of your vacation or other lengthy trip, the right dog board services could make all the difference in your pet's comfort and enjoyment while you're gone. Take these considerations to heart, and take your time when making your choice! Look into facilities like Adorable Pet Lodge today.