Boarding Your Dog For The First Time? Follow These 4 Tips

30 November 2021
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Are you going to be traveling and need to board your pet while you are away? If so, you may be concerned about what to do so that your pet is well prepared for their extended stay. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure it goes smoothly for you and your pet.

Get Your Pet Used To Being On Their Own

If you have always been around your dog, they may not react well if the first time you are going away for an extended period of time they have to go to a pet kennel. You may want to try the idea of leaving them home alone for a while to see how they do. You want them to get used to the idea of you not being around all the time, and it's a good idea to start training them before they stay at the kennel.

Make Sure They Are Up To Date On Shots

One of the requirements for a pet kennel will likely be that your dog is up to date on all of their vaccinations so that they do not pass on illnesses to other dogs. Check in with your vet to not only make sure that they are up to date with every shot that they need but also to get verification that you can pass along to the pet boarding service provider. 

Arrange An Overnight Short Stay First

You can get your pet ready for an extended stay at a boarding facility by having them do a short-term stay while you are still in town. This will allow the staff to see how your pet reacts, and potentially give you a great report in the end. This can help ease any anxiety you have about the experience. Know that you're likely more nervous about the experience than your pet and that they'll likely do fine without you.

Create A List Of Things They Need

Think of all of the things that your pet may need to deal better with the boarding experience. This could include having a favorite bed, a toy that they love, certain treats, and things of that nature. You can give this to the boarding facility so that they know what will work best to make your dog happy.

Reach out to a pet kennel boarding service for more information about how to ensure the experience goes smoothly.